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We have collected some of the often asked questions about City of Learning platform.

What is a City or Region of Learning?

A City or Region of Learning is a new approach of connecting learning opportunities across territories and making them more visible and accessible to young people. Cities and Regions of Learning use web infrastructure to map learning opportunities, offer local and digital experiences, use digital Open Badges to value and recognise learning and achievements.

What are the benefits for cities and regions?

Cities and Regions of Learning aims to use technology and a new way of coordinating efforts to make learning equally accessible and perhaps better distributed across the territory to all young people living in a city or region. Our web platform enables the decision-makers to access the data from monitoring learning opportunities, that can inform decisions on policies and funding priorities of learning opportunities offered to young people. Good practice example from Chicago City of Learning shows how the city can utilize the data about youth learning.

What is there for youth and citizens from Cities and Regions of Learning?

Youth, parents and teachers can navigate interactive maps with learning opportunities to find something that young people are interested in and passionate to join in order to develop their skills and talents. They can select opportunities and group them into personalised pathways across the city or region. Youth can earn digital Open Badges as proof of their activities and achievements. As a result, they can build their skills portfolio and showcase it online and on their resumes.

Badgecraft hosts this platform and develops it together with leading educational organisations. The European Union's programme Erasmus+ granted co-funding for building the first version of this platform. Contact support@badgecraft.eu.
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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union
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